Parental substance abuse increasing rate of foster kids

Parental substance abuse has a direct impact on the number of children put in foster care. That rate is increasing all over the country.

In Delaware alone, the highest rate of children entering the system has shifted from teens to kids between the ages of zero to six.

That figure is from the director of Delaware’s Division of Family Services, who also says these children can struggle with a number of issues.

This included everything from trouble feeding to difficulty being soothed. The Division of Family Services held a training session for foster parents to discuss these matters on Wednesday.

Shirley Roberts, the director of Division of Family Services says, “Reunification for a child that is experiencing substance abuse is really dependent on the ability of that parent to be able to get appropriate treatment; and to be successful at treatment. We have certainly seen an increase.” 

To report abuse or neglect in the state of Delaware, call 1-800-292-9582.

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