Wicomico County pushes back last day of school

Students in Wicomico County will be in school a little longer than planned this year. The Board of Education voted to extend the school year to make up for two missed instructional days due to weather. The original last day of school for students was June 9, 2016, which has now been changed to June 13, 2016. The adjustments made are listed below:

June 9, 10 and 13: Early dismissal days, with schools dismissing 2 hours early. (These days had previously been scheduled for June 7-9.)

June 13: Last day of school for students. This will also be the last day for instructional assistants and nurses. (The original last day of school was June 9.)

June 14: Last working day for teachers (was June 13)

June 15: Last working day for 10-month (220-day) employees (was June 14)

For a full look at the newly approved calendar click here.

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