Maintaining positive body image for cancer survivors

Aside from medical treatments, experts say maintaining a good body image is also a critical part of healing for breast cancer survivors.

Coping with emotional stress is one thing, but doctors say many people with breast cancer also find themselves dealing with changes in their appearance. Some of those changes are short-term, like hair loss.

Dr. Kathy Seifert, a licensed psychologist in Salisbury, says this can have a profound effect on how patients feel about themselves but it’s important to remember physical traits do not define someone.

“The changes in your body due to cancer are usually temporary and cosmetic. And cosmetics can be changed with cosmetics and so therefore, they don’t affect who you are as a person. You are still that wonderful person that you always were.” Explains Dr. Seifert.

According to Dr. Seifert, support from family and friends is key but she does recommend professional help if it’s needed.

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