Vegan diets can be unhealthy

Going to a vegetarian or all vegan diet can be beneficial to your health, if it’s done the right way.

Ocean City Dr. Victor Gong helps clients with weight control in addition to his general practice.

Gong said vegan and vegetarian diets lack vital nutrients such as Vitamin B-12 – Vitamin A – and Calcium, but Gong said people can add them to their diets by taking supplemental pills .

Gong said if B-12 is not added to a diet that people can suffer from anemia and neurological problems.

“The body is a symphony of different types of nutrients and you have to have all these to make your body work well. So it’s just important to know that and find the right diet, get the right information and then you can be as healthy as you can,” Gong said.

Gong said proper vegan and vegetarian diets can help reduce risk for heart disease and lower cholesterol. He also cautions that if you are just starting out with a vegan or vegetarian diet, to start slowly and gradually work your way into it.  

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