Police say Crisfield man had components to build a bomb

Members of the Maryland State Police say Michael Mussel, 58, of Crisfield, was arrested on Saturday, after officers from the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office received information that he was reportedly growing marijuana inside his residence.

Through gathering more information, troopers say officers were led to believe Mussel also could have been manufacturing a propane bomb.

Members of the Somerset County Narcotics task force searched the area of the residence on Jacksonville Road in Crisfield, where Mussel was reportedly growing marijuana, and upon the search, officers combined their knowledge of the information about the bomb manufacturing with observations they found on the property, and authored another search warrant.

Troopers say they met with multiple other local law enforcement agencies, and determined that neighboring areas would be evacuated while the search warrant was executed.

According to police, Mussel was seen driving a vehicle near the residence and was detained.

Troopers say they seized 32 marijuana plants, 136.1 grams of marijuana, 3 hand guns, 3 rifles, and components consistent with making an improvised explosive device. Police say if the components were properly assembled, they would have made an improvised explosive device (IED).

Mussel has reportedly been charged with possessing components/attempted manufacture of a destructive device, possession of firearms and possession of Marijuana.

Members of the Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office and the Somerset County Narcotics Task Force are continuing to investigate. Anyone with information may contact the Somerset County Narcotics Task Force at 410-651-0066.

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