UPDATE: Former counselor sentenced for sexually exploiting i

UPDATE: Former counselor sentenced for sexually exploiting infant

exploitation of an infant — found out today that he will spend the next three decades in prison. stephen shaffner will also have supervised release for the rest of his life — after getting out of prison — which means he will have his computers and online activity monitored — and he will be forbidden to have contact with minors. the 34 year-old was arrested last year — after federal search warrants confirmed that he had been communicating with a pediatric nurse in california — michael lutts — who was fostering a 6 month old baby boy. schaffner admitted to exchanging text message with lutts — asking him to sexually abuse the baby — and send him pictures. the federal sentencing guidelines — advise a life sentence — for the offenses listed in schaffner’s indictment. but today — the u-s district court judge in baltimore sentenced schaffner to the maximum sentence — agreed upon in the plea agreement — which is 35 years — with the possibility of 5 years early release for good behavior. i think when you take someone, who has this admitted decade plus long sexual interest in children — very very young children and violent sexual abuse and combine that, with a life of putting yourself in a position of trust in the community, particularly vulnerable children, it shows the danger he poses to the community. and why it was so important to have such a serious sentence imposed. the prosecution of michael lutts — the man schaffner conspired with in california — is ongoing and we’re told — other offenders are also being investigated — who might be tied to schaffner’s case. these arrests are a part of “project safe childhood” — a nationwide initiative launch in may 2006 — by the department of justice. in salisbury — the man accused of

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