Heat wave health

The Mid-Atlantic region will be experiencing a heat wave Thursday through Saturday this week.

In the Mid-Atlantic, a heat wave is classified as anything 90 degrees and above, for three or more consecutive days. But with humidity, it is going to feel closer to 100 degrees.

Physicians say in temperatures like this it is important to be very aware of heat related illnesses such as heat cramps and heat exhaustion. But experts say the most dangerous type of heat related illnesses is heat stroke. This can happen when the body exceeds 104 degrees and can be life-threatening.

To protect yourself from any one of these issues experts say the key is to drink a lot of fluids and wear light colored clothing.

“If you’re working out there work earlier in the day when it’s cooler,” says Dr. Gong of 75th Street Medical Center. “You want to drink a lot of fluids, wear light colored clothing, and take lots of rest breaks especially in cooler environments to cool down your body.”

47 ABC’s weather team is following this reported heat wave, so for more updates on the high temps that we are expecting be sure to tune in.

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