Teacher Who Makes a Difference: April 2015

Teacher’s Name: Kathy Henderson

Teacher’s School: Holly Grove Christian School

Schools City and State: Westover,MD

Reason for nominating this teacher:

Mrs.Henderson has been teaching for over 30 years. She always keeps a positive attitude and teaches her students how to be positive in all situations. She keeps a smile on her face, is stern yet loving. She reaches out not just to her students,but to anyone who needs her. She has her class send letters to other students in other states. She recently had her class make Christmas cards for a little boy in New York who just needed some cheering up. They never met him,but they still sent love his way. She has a way of being stern,yet loving. Her students past & present love her. I was blessed to have my grandson in her class this school year. She by far exceeds what a teacher should do and IS what a caring,loving person is suppose to be.

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