Experts weigh in on Clinton campaign strategy

In her second time around for the presidential ticket, Hillary Clinton may be downsizing. For example, talking at smaller events rather than soaring speeches in front of big rallies.

Kent County Democratic committee chairman John Mancus says he believes this kind of strategy will allow her to talk about issues in small towns.

“The potential is there for her to come to smaller markets, for example the Baltimore or Salisbury markets and preach a significant amount of people in the tri-state area and get the message out.” Says Mancus.

While Clinton has not officially declared her 2016 bid, sources close to the Clinton organization say her team wants to put her in direct contact with voters from states with early primaries and caucuses. This means one-on-one conversations with small groups.

Delaware State University professor Doctor Sam Hoff says this might potentially help her push specific agendas, by giving themes to these small meetings.

“You may have some folks in the audience who are there to specifically ask the type of softball questions that will get an answer that is then seemingly popular or supported.” Says Dr. Hoff.

Dr. Hoff also says this strategy could also serve as a double-edged sword. We’re told in a smaller setting, it may be difficult for her to avoid questions she’s not prepared for. For example, questions regarding her use of a private email account to conduct government business as Secretary of State.

“You can control the agenda but then you may get questions, that on the large ones don’t come up.” Says Dr. Hoff.

No word on when these small campaign events will start, but Dr. Hoff says this will be an interesting race to follow.

“I’m not promising another 2000 where it took six weeks to decide the winner but I can promise an elevated and enhanced level of enthusiasm…which I hope translates to a higher voter turnout.” He says.
Texas Senator republican Ted Cruz officially entered the race two weeks ago.

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