WiHi takes down Washington in Princess Anne

Washington hosted Wicomico High School in a big rivalry game in Princess Anne as they return from the holiday break.

Both teams participated in the Governor’s Challenge, but the tournament turned sour for Washington due to a brawl that broke out during the Jaguars final game of the tournament. The consequences of the brawl led to suspensions of Washington’s Shakur Cottman and DeShawn Parks, two players who are crucial to the success of the Jags.

At half, WiHi led Washington 39-32 and both teams came out hungry for the win. WiHi was playing solid defense and looked cohesive. Torrey Brittingham led his team with 21 points and Jordan Brittingham followed closely with 20 points.

Washington was missing Shakur Cottman and offensive abilities because they were having a hard time getting their shots to fall. The Jags did a great job despite missing two key players, and had a few shots fallen – the result would have been different.

Things heated up in the fourth quarter and it came down to the last minute of game. Washington was in foul trouble early on in the second half, which eventually led to WiHi getting to the free throw line enough times to secure the win. The Indians stopped the Jags and held on for the win 76-70.

Below we have Torrey Brittingham’s reaction on the win over the Jags.

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