Colonel Richardson drops a close one to Lake Forest

Colonel Richardson and Lake Forest went head to head in a Friday night basketball showdown and it seemed the Colonels were going to walk away with the win; however, the Spartans fought back to get the win.

Both teams had a great first quarter, but in the second quarter, each team seemed to be struggling to find the net. Colonel Richardson was working extremely hard off the ball, driving to the hoop, and playing great defense – setting themselves up seven points headed into halftime. Lake Forest had a hard time getting their offense going, but played good defense and was able to not let the Colonels get too far away.

Lake Forest stole the game in the third quarter outscoring Colonel Richardson 19-9 in point differential. Those points in the third quarter were enough to take the lead and not give it back to the Colonels – the Spartans win, 61-55.

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