NAACP Calls For Independent Investigation Of Winfield Fisher

Salisbury, Md – “We
have to take our anger and use it to make changes,” says Wicomico
County NAACP branch president Mary Ashanti.

of the Eastern Shore Chapters of the NAACP came together Friday
night, calling for a new investigation to be launched into the death
of Winfield Fisher, who was shot and killed by a Maryland State
Trooper outside the police barrack in Salisbury last march.

incident started when the 32-year-old Fisher took his car to the
barrack to have his car repair order certified. According to the
report, trooper Anthony Myers smelled marijuana and tried to search
Fisher. Investigators say Fisher tried to leave, Myers reached in
his car, and Fisher pinned his arm in the car, dragging the trooper
with his vehicle. Three shots were fired. Two by Trooper Jeffery
Wilkins and the fatal one by Myers.

not being here with us now is hurting every holiday, every situation.
But we know god is going to take care of it,” says Fisher's mother

the country reeling from racial tension re-sparked by police-involved
deaths, the NAACP is now calling on the US Department of Justice to
launch an independent investigation because the prior one within
Wicomico county found no wrong-doing on the part of police.

state police should not be investigating themselves,” says Ashanti.
“Any information we have is information that came from law
enforcement. There's not independent anything.”


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