Dec. 1 – December Energy Gifts for Christmas

GOOD MORNING DELMARVA -People tend to use more electricity during the holidays.  What can you recommend so that consumers can save money this holiday season?

  1. How you decorate for the holidays is a huge factor into holiday electric bills. We recommend buying LED lights instead of the mini-lights.  Incandescent mini-lights can consume 36 watts of power while LEDs only consume 5 watts.
  2. Another trick is to use timers on your lighting, whether they are inside or outside, LEDs or incandescent.  Having a timer for your lights means that you don't have to worry about unplugging or turning them off and you won't waste electricity.   
  3. We would also recommend using power strips and surge protectors.  When you plug your devices into one strip, you can easily turn your lights on and off with one switch, power strips can save energy and money.

2)    What is the ideal energy saving gift for this holiday season?

  1. Well, I am not Santa Claus so I am not sure I can answer that, if you are buying an electronic gift, look for the ENERGY STAR logo.  The ENERGY STAR logo ensures that the product is energy efficient and can save energy versus non Energy Star rated products. Also, see if the gift needs batteries.  You can buy a rechargeable battery system to save on buying batteries long term. 
  2.  We would recommend considering a toaster oven.  They use half as much energy to cook food as a conventional oven and they are more versatile.   
  3. We would also recommend getting a smart thermostat.  The Nest is probably the most recognizable brand name for smart thermostats. It will remember your patterns and help you monitor your energy use whether it is heating or air conditioning.
  4.  Tablets are a huge upcoming device that many people are starting to buy for their children .  They are more energy efficient than computers or laptops and they have most of the same functions.

3)      The holidays are coming up and there is always that one person you can't buy for, whether it be the in-laws, grandma, or Dad.   What can you recommend as a great gift for those kinds of people who already have everything?

  1. Well Choptank Electric has our 75 anniversary cookbook.  We are selling it for $5 including tax.  Please visit our offices located in Denton, Salisbury, or Berlin to get your copy today. 

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