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Firefighter on Admin Leave Following Department Accident

Firefighter on Admin Leave Following...

Salisbury, Md. - A Salisbury firefighter is still recovering in Baltimore after being run over by a department engine truck this weekend. 

City leaders are updating the public on this tragic accident. Fire Chief Richard Hoppes says the other man involved in the accident is having a tough time. 

" He is suffering emotional heartache about what happened he feels responsible he was operating the unit and he was also one of his subordinates. So he is emotionally distraught. We have been providing care for him and he is seeking care." 

The driver of the engine is on administrative leave, struggling with what he's done and away from the job until he's cleared by a doctor. 

Chief Hoppes says this hasn't happened before during his time with the department.

"This is the most significant accident in my tenure as the fire chief. Firefighters get injured all the time. Not to discount their injuries but this was the most serious in my tenure as a fire chief." 

There are now at least two separate investigations underway to get to the bottom of what happened on Sunday leading up to the accident. 

Hoppes says his department is reviewing policies and procedures and looking to make improvements in an effort to keep everyone safe. 

"There's an additional policy investigation in which the city of Salisbury Fire Department will evaluate wat policies if any were violated and how we might improve ourselves to prevent a future occurrence of this magnitude."

Mayor Jake Day says it could be about eight days before the injured man is released from the hospital. Until that time leaders and the first responder community are planning to help him in his road to recovery.

" We love our own obviously. He's one of our people. We take care of our people. And we're going to take care of him in anyway we can."


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