MD executive order addresses multigenerational poverty

MD executive order addresses...

Annapolis, Md. - Maryland Governor, Larry Hogan, signs an executive order today aiming to fight the cycle of multi-generational poverty.

The new approach is known as Two-Generation, or Two-Gen , and will work in conjunction with Think MD.

These two commissions will connect the state's human services programs to make them more effective and efficient.

Using a family-centered approach, in which the state provides services simultaneously for a family as a whole, rather than for the adult and child separately.

47 ABC spoke with Ann Flagg, Acting Deputy Secretary for Programs, who says seeing a family in need as a whole unit could generate more success.

“And really figuring out what package of solutions will improve not only the job outcome but also the outcome to education and health and all the associated outcomes for all the members of the family,” Flagg said.

Flagg says the next step for Two-Gen is to gather data on the parts of the state with the highest percentages of multigenerational poverty and then set up 4 pilot programs.

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