Local music teacher receives 'Teacher Who Make A Difference' award

Local music teacher receives 'Teacher...

CAMBRIDGE, Md. - In Cambridge, Monday 47 ABC surprised our first "Teacher Who Makes A Difference" for the new school year.

Maple Elementary School music teacher Ray Washington was given the award on behalf of 47 ABC and Accurate Optical and he was nominated by his very own students.

Washington just became a music teacher last year, but he's already leaving a lasting impression on the students and the school.

Its something he says he didn't expect.

I never thought it would be this deep, like I never thought I would be changing kids lives who really need it. Like who have a crazy home life and this is all they look forward to, so it caught me off guard. I didn't think it was going to be this deep I thought it was just going to be a bunch of kids and play a little bit of music and do it for a year and move on but now it’s like I might be doing this for a long time,” says Washington.

If you have a teacher you would like to nominate just head to 47 ABCs contest page or email

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