Crisfield still searching for murder answers

Crisfield still searching for murder answers

CRISFIELD, Md. - Investigators have hit a fork in the road trying to find the man responsible for a murder last week in Crisfield.

Mark Laquan Smith, of Salisbury, was gunned down late Thursday night and was found with drugs, cash, and revolver next his body.  His family says they're confused how any of this could have happened and that last they knew he was staying with his girlfriend at the Somers Cove Apartments, where he was killed.

When we last spoke to investigators on Friday, they said they had a few leads and were moving quickly to find out who killed the 25-year-old. However, over the weekend those leads seems to have led to nothing but dead ends. 

"The victim was actually shot 14 times. It was up close and personal, so we believe that they knew each other, or knew of each other," says police chief Michael Tabor. "We've interviewed several different people through our investigation. We believe there were several people who observed this shooting take place and we're looking for people to come forward."

Anyone with information regarding this Homicide is asked to call the Crisfield Police Department at 410-968-1323.

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