Ocean View PD continues on-going community outreach through deaf training

Ocean View PD continues community...

OCEAN VIEW, Del. - Believe it or not, the town of Ocean View has a large deaf population. 70 full time residents have this disability. In the summer months, that number increases to 250. 

And their first responders are hoping to work hand-in-hand with their community to communicate effectively through a deaf awareness training. 

Ocean View has been doing this workshop every year, but this time it's a bit different. 

Today, they teamed up with local deaf volunteers to develop a one-day program. 

They offered communication tips through role playing and taught basic American Sign Language, known as ASL. 

A volunteer, Barbara White told us, "Unfortunately, there have been situations where deaf people have been harmed, falsely arrested, or even killed, because they didn't hear the warnings by the police officer, so we're trying to communicate and get the feedback on what to do in various situations."

Americans with Disabilities Act requires public agencies the same level of services to those with physically disabilities and this is one way to do that. 

This is their first partnership but they are hoping to spread these efforts to the rest of the state.

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