ACA open enrollment deadline fast approaching

ACA Open enrollment deadline fast...

SEAFORD, Del. - Registering for health insurance can be stressful and difficult, especially when it comes to enrolling in the health care marketplace, which is all online. 

"Some people can go up on the computer and they think that they can do this and they get stuck because there are questions they're not sure they should say yes to or no to or when to put the dollar amount in." 

That's why people like Mary Shaffer and Priscilla Chatman, known as navigators, go around the state of Delaware to help anyone with health care questions. 

Priscilla Chatman, the President of Chatman LLC Delaware Navigator Entity, says, "The navigators are the persons who explain the Affordable Care Act healthcare programs. We explain it, we educate, and we do the outreach going out to reach people who are defined as hard to reach, those who think they don't know anything about the Affordable Care Act." 

Healthcare experts if you will for the ACA, experts who are trying to reach as many people as possible before deadline. 

"This week is absolutely crucial. The last day for open enrollment is December 15th, this Friday. This year open enrollment is half the number of weeks that it was last year," explains Chatman.

Their goal is not only to help those with lower incomes but families who many would consider middle class because they too can receive affordable health care through tax credits. 

"Most people in Delaware can get a health insurance plan for about $175 a month, that's for most people," Chatman continues, "Income wise a family of four can make up to $90,000 and still get an advanced premium tax credit." 

With the navigators help, registering can be made very easy. To find navigators near you just head to, search local help near me, put in your address and zip code, then a list of navigators near you will pop up. 

Each state has different providers and plans, so make sure to find out which ones work best for you before Friday, don't wait until the last minute. 

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