Weather Tidbits: St. Patrick’s Day Climatology

This Weather Tidbits explores the climatology for St. Patrick’s Day in Salisbury. The average high is 55°, with an average low of 35°. The record high for St. Patrick’s Day was a sizzling 87° set back in 1945; while temperatures tumbled to 16° in 1911 for the record low. The wettest St. Paddy’s Day was in 1923 at 2.05 inches; with a probablilty of rain at 37 %. The holiday was  snowiest in 1931 at 4 inches; with a probability of snow at 2% last happening in 2014. The record cold high of 32° occurred in 2014 and the record warm low of 59° happened in 1944. High temperatures are typically above 50° two-thirds of the time; while subfreezing temps happen only 1% of the time. Lows are normally below freezing half the time; as lows above 50° occur 9% of the time, with last year being in the 9% at 54°.

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