Elementary students have lunch with Wicomico Co. Superintendent for final competition round

FRUITLAND, Md. – The top 3 finalists in Prince Street Elementary’s ‘Amazing Shake-style Competition‘ got a special treat Saturday, getting the opportunity to lunch with Wicomico County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Micah Stauffer.

The students met with the Superintendent at Texas Roadhouse in Fruitland.

It was the final round for the school’s competition that puts 5th-Grade students through a unique obstacle course, testing their social and communication skills.

For the final round, the students were graded on how well they interacted with Dr. Stauffer.

In the end, Gloria Casimir came out on top. We spoke to Gloria who told us her secret of getting through the competition. “One tip I use actually is to use my favorite affirmation and that’s to be yourself out there and to actually show who you really are,” Casimir said.

“And what we want to do in Wicomico County Public Schools is build students for the future and this a great program to be able to do that,” Dr. Stauffer said.

The competition started with over 100 students and was then narrowed down to 10 for Round 2, then 3 for the finale.

The top 3 students all received trophies and gift cards to Barnes & Noble.

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