Weather Tidbits: Jupiter’s Opposition & Perigee

Tonight’s astronomical event of Jupiter’s opposition and perigee is the main headline of this Weather Tidbits. Jupiter will be making its closest approach or perigee to Earth in 59 years at 367 million miles. The last time this happened was back on October 1963. Jupiter will also be viewed directly opposite from the sun or opposition. What makes tonight’s event unique is that both the perigee and opposition are taking place at the same time; as both Earth’s & Jupiter’s orbits are not perfect circle. Jupiter will appear unusually bright white & large; which will make it easily viewed by binoculars. The view of the 5th planet will be aided by the moon being 1% full but also the planet will rise when the sun sets this evening and set when the sun rises on Tuesday. The weather will be great on Delmarva to view it under mostly clear skies with temperatures in the mid 50s.

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