Del. Division of Child Support Services reinstates suspended licenses to parents complying with child support

DELAWARE – The Delaware Division of Child Support Services has notified more than 1,000 non-custodial parents that the suspension of their Delaware licenses has been lifted.

We’re told the Division had learned from a group of parents that although they were now in compliance with their child support obligation, they had never sought the return of their licenses.

DCSS Division Director Theodore Mermigos said that with the extraordinary efforts by his staff to review 1,352 active child support cases dating back to 2013, DCSS was able to reinstate 86% of the licenses to the paying non-custodial parent. Parents whose licenses were reinstated will need to pay any fees associated with having their licenses reinstated at the licensing agency. Letters are being sent to the paying parents to notify them that the suspension of their licenses has been lifted for making consistent child support payments.

DCSS can suspend drivers, recreational, business, and professional licenses issued by partnering state agencies for parents who owe at least $3,500 in past due child support and have not made a payment as ordered by the Family Court in the past 60 days. Additionally, licenses can be suspended for parents who have an outstanding Capias or bench warrant issued by Family Court for failure to appear at any paternity or child support proceeding.

DCSS is not able to return a suspended license if an outstanding Capias or bench warrant is issued by Family Court. Parents with an outstanding Capias or bench warrant are encouraged to contact the Family Court to resolve the matter.

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