Brightside: One Way Insurance Group & outreach

SEAFORD, Del. – A small insurance brokerage in Seaford, Delaware is becoming a household name for the state, and even putting Delaware on the map. It’s all thanks to their dedication to financial literacy, but more importantly, their service to the community

“We like to go with the motto that we’re community-driven people focused and so we go literally go out into the community,” says Co-founder of “One Way Insurance,” says Gertha ‘Gigi’ Jean, an insurance brokerage that thinks outside its four walls; One-way insurance group is a small minority-owned business that makes working with the community to a whole new level.

Gigi Jean and her husband say they’re all about providing insurance and say they’re working to incorporate parts of the community that need it the most. “A lot of people that are coming from different countries don’t understand hey why do I need to get car insurance, I’m like it’s the law but also it protects you and it protects the other person on the road.” She adds, “So we try to find a way to present it in their language where they can understand and they can have the opportunity to take part in these resources.”

Just four years ago Jean and her husband realized they wanted to leave something for their kids, but providing insurance and financial literacy for clients just wasn’t enough. “Without the community, there would be no businesses. You need somebody to come into your shop, you need someone to buy their product, you need somebody to sit in your salon chair.” Jean adds, “What helped us too with our event is that we realized we can reach a larger group of people instead of going door to door. I see it as, if God blesses you, you’re in a position to bless others.”

Jean tells 47 ABC, that she and her husband realized their ability to give back, and could reach more people. So now between book-bag giveaways, Christmas toy drives, and other community events, Jean and her husband are setting a standard for small businesses. “We started with us and now it’s other businesses saying hey how can we partner with you guys, hey how can we do this, so the community is coming together to help the community and we love that,” she says.

The work they do in the community through outreach and insurance recently won them a prestigious and honorable award. One Way Insurance group was awarded one of the fastest growing brokerages in the U.S. for Insurance Business America. “A small local agency in Seaford who would have thought going on four years is like going against the big dogs!” Exclaims Jean. She goes on to say, “So this is a huge win not only for Seaford but for Delaware because we’re the only Delaware agency that made the list.”

Now with a name in the community, a large social media presence, and a following, along with their heart to serve, this insurance agency is doing more than just getting you the best insurance deal. They’re making sure they become a role model for the minority-business community, and those they all serve. “We want to inspire future business owners to start a business but start it right.” Jean adds, “When we grow as a community, our economic system grows as well. As a minority business owner, I want to see more minority business owners.”

One Way Insurance Group’s next big event is their annual book-bag giveaway on Sunday, August 14th from 1 to 3 p.m. They’re planning to give out 500 book bags with school supplies. They’ve also teamed up with ‘Nerd-It-Now, and they will be giving out chrome laptops as well.

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