‘He’s one of a kind:’ ‘Elvis’ film heads to theaters, local impersonator says icon’s legacy lives on

SALISBURY, Md.- “He’s one of a kind. There will never be another Elvis,” Bouvier said.

Those are the words of Jean Pierre Bouvier,  a local Elvis Presley impersonator and admirer of the King of Rock-N-Roll.

He moved to the U.S. back in the late 60s and has been following the artist since his 20s. He also has the proof to show it. “And I’m running out of room. I got some in different places and some of this stuff has never been opened. Some of it’s brand new,” Bouvier said.

Bouvier puts the fan in super-fan with his self-made museum, known as the ‘Taking Care of Business Room,’ of all things Elvis which includes records and rare collectables.

Yet, Jean isn’t the only fan in the house. “Very charismatic, I think that’s what put him up on top,” Wife Sylvia Bouvier said. “And the songs that he was singing back then in the 50’s, 60’s, even 70’s are still good for today.”

So I asked Jean ‘what makes Elvis the legend he is today?’ “Everything he’s ever done has went to the top. Whether it’s songs, movies, shows. Elvis was a good entertainer.”

The singer’s latest film adaptation ‘Elvis‘ makes its way to theaters this weekend, an event the Bouvier’s got tickets for 6 months in advance. “After Elvis has been gone for many years, they still come up with a new generation of entertainers and it’s not too many people that can do that,” Bouvier said.

I’m told it’s his lasting star quality that has Elvis still carrying the torch of Rock N Roll to this day. “Today, over 50% of the Elvis fans weren’t born when Elvis died, so that tells you something,”

“The best. The best. There will never be another one. It’s just not going to happen.”

We checked back in with the Bouvier’s who saw the film early Friday afternoon and they gave it a great review. They’re encouraging others to go out and see it.

They also tell 47ABC, they look forward to taking a trip back to Memphis soon to visit Graceland and partake in Elvis Week in August.

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