Healthcare partnership making strides to connect communities with more resources

DELMARVA- A healthcare analytics company teamed up with an insurance company to bring more support to members.

Socially Determined is working with CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield to help them understand social risks of their members. Through a platform provided by Socially Determined, CareFirst will gain greater visibility for identifying people who face increased health risks due to social factors. That includes food insecurity, housing instability, and transportation barriers. We’re told shining a light on these inequities can help bring communities more resources.

“We know how important healthy food options or access to a physician,and access to a pharmacy, and being able to afford co-pays and things like that are, if we don’t address in addition providing them a medication but also helping them think about holistically what’s going to improve their health then we are probably not going to succeed,” Trenor Williams, CEO and Co-Founder of Socially Determined, said.

CareFirst said in a statement they understand how significant socioeconomic factors are in keeping communities healthy and its clear that relying on just clinical and claims data is no longer enough for any health care organization.

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