Recycling tips to help shrink your carbon footprint

DELAWARE – The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control is giving Delawareans some recycling tips, and how to shrink their carbon footprint.

According to DNREC, everyone in Delaware has access to recycling and all different types of recyclable material can go into the bin. Those items include plastic containers, bottles, cans, jars, types of paper, and much more.

However, more importantly, what’s not recyclable are items like paper towels, frozen food packaging, plastic bags, styrofoam, glass, and food waste. A reminder from DNREC officials, everything recycled should be loose, empty, clean, and dry, and when in doubt, throw it out. “So if we can recycle plastic back into plastic, we don’t have to mine oil or we don’t have to use the refined oil for plastic production, we can use it for other materials that maybe we need in a more or better use,” says Adam Schlachter, Recycling Program Manager at DNREC. He adds, “If a lot of people are making the same small change, it can make a big impact.”

Delawareans can find out more about what they can and can’t recycle, as well as where they can recycle, online.

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