“I’m just glad it’s over with:” Teen in OC boardwalk vaping incident gets charges acquitted

OCEAN CITY, Md.- Friday morning was a victory for some who walked through those court room doors as they celebrated a favorable ruling.

“I’m just glad it’s over with,” Taizier Griffin, the defendant said.

Griffin started his day off feeling anxious as he sat in the court room of the Maryland District Courthouse in Ocean City, waiting to hear if the charges against him in his case would be dropped.

“I was just nervous, was just like I don’t know what’s going to happen, I’m just trying to get this done and over with and I was just going to leave it up to my lawyers,” Griffin said.

The incident Griffin was involved in dates back to June 6, 2021. Griffin was walking on the boardwalk vaping and officers saw it happening. Vaping on the boardwalk is a violation of a local ordinance.

Police said they confronted Griffin and that an officer put out his arm in front of him, they then said they asked him to identify himself, but said Griffin did not stop and walked through the officers arm. That situation ultimately escalated with police tasing the young man.

“The fact that one of the officers in this case literally said Taizier walking through his arm was more dangerous than them tasing him while his hands were up shows the fact that there’s not a real justification for what happened to Taizier,” Malcolm Ruff, Taizier’s trial lawyer said.

Griffin was arrested and charged on 8 counts, including second degree assault ( of two different officers),  disorderly conduct, failure to obey a lawful order, resisting arrest, failure to give proper identification, and obstructing and hindering and wear and carry of a concealed dangerous weapon.

But, Friday some of those charges were dismissed.

“He was acquitted of everything except disorderly conduct and actually vaping on the boardwalk which is not a criminal conviction it’s a civil fine and so he was acquitted of all of the criminal charges,” William H. “Billy” Murphy Jr., a trial lawyer said.

Now, with this trial in the rear view mirror for Griffin he told 47ABC he’s ready to move forward. Meanwhile, his mom hopes her son’s case shine’s a light on other incidents like his.

“The spotlight needs to be put on situations like this because it’s just happening way too much in the world,” Jessica Barber, Taizier’s  mom, said.

“I want them to know that, that anythings possible, that what I went through no one else should go through,” Griffin said.

47ABC did reach out to the Worcester County State’s Attorney to get a statement on the trial, but they are unable to comment at this time.

Griffin’s trial lawyers told us that they will be filing an appeal on the disorderly conduct charge.

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