“I think it’s important:” Md. piece of legislation to make divestment from Russia, in support of Ukraine

MARYLAND — The Maryland General Assembly is aiming to send a message to Russia that some lawmakers stand with the people of Ukraine.

Senator Mary Beth Carozza said Senate Bill 1005 basically says members of the assembly are not going to put their Maryland pensions in Russian businesses and are going to divest of funds associated with Russia.

She said lawmakers in Maryland have been shown their support for the people of Ukraine and this is just another way they are doing so.

“I think it’s important, every measure sends a signal that we are isolating Russia, Russia stands alone, we stand with the people of Ukraine, the world stands with the people of Ukraine, and this is just one more example right here in the state of Maryland,” Senator Carozza said.

Senator Carozza said she wants to continue to do these types of bills and give support to Ukraine going forward.

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