Local media studio brings high-quality videography to eastern shore, passion behind the lens

SALISBURY, Md.  “Passion can’t be replicated,” Visionary and Owner of The Brand Digital Media Maurice Waters said.

Pocomoke City native Maurice Waters has been doing videography for over 20 years. That passion has now become The Brand Digital Media, bringing high-quality visual content to the Eastern Shore. “It pretty awesome to see all these things come to life and see what we’re able to give to our clients and produce things that people wouldn’t expect to come out of this studio,” said Waters.

“We have big city quality here in a small town and I think that just sets us apart here. We do videos that other places like bigger cities are doing and we still compete on the top level everywhere we go,” Videographer David Mapes.

Cinema cameras, state of the art sound equipment, and professional lighting are just some of the things you’ll find in the studio. The setup allows them to create any and all video content which now includes podcasting. “For me I looked at a podcast as a easy way for me to easily get into creating my own content and The Brand absolutely made it a much easier process,” LavaHot Podcast Host Joseph Connell said.

I’m told its not just high-tech equipment that sets The Brand apart, its the passion behind what’s being produced that makes the content come alive. “A lot of people pick up a camera and say I’m the video guy right? Anyone could do this,” Waters said.  “I think the thing that people can’t replicate is the feeling or the emotion that goes into these videos or these projects and that’s just because we care.”

The LavaHot podcast provides tools and resources to help current or future business owners “level up,” something I’m told The Brand will continue to do. “For these guys to do what they do in cranking out every episode that I do and to be able to polish it up and make it look clean and presentable. That means the world to me,” Connell said.

“I used to say I was surprised to be at tables or be in front of projects or take on projects, but I think this is exactly where we should be. I think that people are starting to take notice that this is quality that they can have on the shore,” Waters said.

Aside from podcasts, The Brand Digital Media also provides other services including wedding cinematography and corporate branding.  To learn more about the studio, click here 

If you’d also like to keep up with what’s current on the LavaHot podcast, click here 

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