More hospitalizations, making the decision for DE mask requirement

DELAWARE- Governor John Carney held a press conference to speak on the decision to reimpose the mask mandate. 
Starting Tuesday, Delawareans are required to wear masks in indoor public settings, including stores, gyms, restaurants, bars, salons, and malls. 
He said we have reached a point in our COVID response where hospital capacity has been stretched to the limit. Adding, that’s a big reason why this mask requirement is happening. 
“My hope was that we would be able to accomplish it voluntarily compliance by private employers stepping up to the plate and doing what CDC was recommending, which is the people vaccinated or not, where masks indoor,” Governor Carney said. “That didn’t seem to work, so we were pushed to the limit with our hospitalization number and decided pull out the stops, everybody’s gotta be part of this solution.”
Governor Carney said he’s hoping the mask requirements will not be for an extended period of time. 
But, he says 474 was the peak of hospitalizations last year in January, and right now, this month, the latest data shows 734 hospitalizations. 
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