Federalsburg Police Department reaching new heights for 2021 Annual Report

FEDERALSBURG, Md.- Federalsburg was honored last year, by making it into the top 10 of “Maryland’s safest cities of 2021. The town’s Police Chief, Michael McDermott, said these positive results can be seen in their total number of reported crimes and offenses seen in their 2021 Federalsburg Annual Police Department report.

“We dropped overall by 28 percent which is a huge chance anyways but our violent crime rate really led the charge and it dropped off close to 88 percent,” Chief McDermott said.

Chief McDermott also said two big factors specifically drove those numbers down confronting aggravated assaults and property crimes.

“We dropped property crimes, particularly in the area of theft, those numbers were really cut in half and that’s what really led to the overall decline,” Chief McDermott.

The chief said that Federalsburg residents have noticed the steady decline in crime during the last few years. One community member said she sees the hard work police are putting in, and appreciates how safe they make her feel.

“They do what they have to do, it would be nice to see more, but like I’m not sure how their budget is, but I know if you call them they are there,” LaVonne Massey, owner of Walking With Faith Thrift Store, said.

And while many police departments across the nation are grappling with low retention rates, the Chief said they took that problem on 3 years ago, and haven’t had an issue with it recently.

“What the town did was they moved to creatively work on our pay chart, they worked on the be fit package they were offering our staff, our scheduling,” Chief McDermott said.

While crime statistics looked great for the 2021 report, Chief McDermott said this year will mark the biggest challenges for law enforcement with possible new legislation for addressing complaints for officers that could go to a committee rather than the department.

“It’s one thing to put yourself into the hands of your peer group people who know your profession who know what your expectations are it’s another thing entirely to put them in the hands of people who have not sat behind the badge,” Chief McDermott said.

The Federalsburg Police Department also said their productivity increased by more than 50 percent, compared to 2020.

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