Computerized light show to take place in Pittsville, fundraiser for local humane society

PITTSVILLE, Md. – Community member William Nick and his family are putting on a light show for the holidays, while also holding a fundraiser for the Humane Society of Wicomico County.

We’re told, neighborhood light shows in Pittsville are growing and Nick and his family wanted to do something to participate. However, after losing one of their dogs, and as animal lovers, they thought they’d combine their festive technology with a great cause.

On Fridays and Saturday nights from 6 to 9 p.m., the family will showcase festive lights combined with the music of all genres.

“We wanted to expand it a little more than just Christmas music so we can appeal to everybody,” says Nick. He adds, “We figured by setting this up, it’ll give the kids and the parents something to look forward to now that they’re allowed to get out and spend time with each other and their families.”

A tote will be outside where people can stop by and drop off dog and cat food, leashes, and toys for the humane society.

“The more organizations we do, I think we’re going to be able to bring more people into Pittsville during the holidays to be able to see our light show, see our neighbor’s setups too,” says Nick. His nephew John Santos Castro, who also helps with the display adds, “They’re donating all their time and stuff to the humane society, the humane society wins because they’re getting donations, and we win because everyone is smiling and having a good time.”

We’re also told, the Nick family hopes to choose a different organization each year to fundraise for during their light show.

The light show will also showcase pictures of adoptable dogs from the shelter, and even include Disney-themed videos. Nick also tells us, everyone who comes to the show, should tune their radio to 87.7 to listen to the music associated with the lights.

The light display is located at 6487 Boyers Way in Pittsville, Maryland.

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