Exercise can help reduce breast cancer recurrence

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, Dr. Karen Barbosa joined the Good Morning Delmarva team to tell us how exercise can reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence.

Dr. Barbosa says it is important to exercise, quick smoking, get quality sleep, limit alcohol intake and optimize nutrition to help reduce recurrence.

When getting a jump start on a new exercise regime, Dr. Barbosa also shared these tips:

1) Invest in biking shorts, extra padding helps biking longer more comfortable.
2) Nashbar.com, offers inexpensive biking accessories.
3) Swimoutlet.com, offers inexpensive swim gear.
4) Don’t skip on good shoes!
5) If you’re walking, get your heart rate up to where it is difficult to say more than a sentence.
6) Dr. Barbosa recommends Rodney Yee’s “AM Yoga.”
7) Look for free workouts online, just be sure to adjust for your ability. Also, check with your doctor if you had surgery.
8) When you’re starting out, start SLOW. For example, try 10 minutes then increase weekly.
9) Use the buddy system. Keep each other motivated.
10) Investing in workout equipment saves commuting time and gas. Also, perfect for moms that have children at home.
11) Investing in anything that requires you to get your money’s worth.
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