Pride event to open a discussion between the LGBTQ+ community, and faith based communities

SALISBURY, Md. – Community members and members from the LGBTQ+ community are gearing up for a community dialogue session on ways people of faith can best support and affirm LGBTQ+ people.

Thursday, September 30th at 6:30 p.m., representatives from Faith Lutheran Church and Unitarian Universalist Fellowship will tune into a live streamed session. Love thy neighbor, a Conversation on Faith-Based Allyship, will be a space for participants to discuss the importance of vocal advocates for LGBTQ, how congregations can build affirming spaces, and the positive impact of supportive faith spaces.

We’re told, many LGBTQ people of faith are seeking to be supported as their full selves within their religious and faith communities
If you’re interested in participating in the virtual discussion, just head to Salisbury PFlags’s facebook page to learn more.
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