Overdose Awareness Day aims to tackle addiction, provide community members support



SALISBURY, MD.- Recovery is about progression, not perfection. Every overdose is a life taken too soon. “Stigma needs to be shattered. We can’t be silent any longer in order to combat this battle with the heinous disease of addiction in our community,” Event chair Jessica Taylor.

That’s exactly what the Overdose Awareness Day Event aimed to do. It’s apart of the Wicomico Goes Purple Campaign, with the goal being to show support, give hope that recovery is possible, and provide resources to those struggling with substance abuse.

I’m told this year alone, from January through March, there was a 5.7% increase in overdoses in the tri-county area. “It is steadily on the rise. We want to keep it at bay and we want to push back and battle this addiction and the light of the community that stigma needs to be shattered,” said Taylor.

The most moving part of the day was community members sharing their own stories. “In my personal life I’ve struggled with addiction, drug and alcohol abuse and just different types of mental illness,” said Community Member James Brown.

“It was definitely the circumstances of where I was at and just not having a stable living situation. Also, not having both my parents constantly and just different aspects like that.”

With sharing these stories, they hope to inspire others to take control of their own addiction. “I think it gives a light. Whatever you’re going through, whether its drugs or mental or whatever the case may be that you’re not alone in any of it. There’s people here and resources community that can help you, walk with you,  and support you with whatever it is that you may be going through,” said Brown.

You too can show support by lighting up your homes or businesses purple and sporting the color throughout the month.

If you want to find out more about the events or the campaign, visit www.wicomicogoespurple.org 

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