DE Republican candidate throws hat in the ring for U.S. Congress seat

Wednesday Lee Murphy announced his candidacy for the U.S Congressional seat in Delaware. He’s vying for his name on the republican ticket in 2022. Murphy isn’t a new comer though, he fell short of the seat in the last election, which went to Democratic Congresswoman Lisa Blunt-Rochester.

He tells us there were many obstacles that kept him out of office: Democratic President Joe Biden on the ballot, Covid-19 and the use of mail-in ballots. Still he’s confidant that he can garner enough support this time around.

Murphy is calling for more support and more funding for Police.

He says, “We can’t protect our streets, whether it’s Dover or Wilmington, we have murders at an all-time high, we have shootings at an all-time high, crime is out of control.”

He’s also making big promises on his ability to bring jobs to the first state with part of his platform looking to manufacturing.

Murphy says, “We will make Delaware attractive to those industries that manufacture everything from washing machines to automobiles. We’ll bring those jobs and I’ll work with the President to bring those jobs back to Delaware.”

Murphy acknowledges that Delaware is traditionally a blue state, making it a tough road for any Republican candidate. But he feels standing by promises to make residents safe abroad, safe at our borders and safe here at home, will carry him to victory.

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