1700lbs of net fish donated to food pantries, all coming from the White Marlin Open

MARYLAND- During the White Marlin Open, 1,700 pounds of net fish was donated to food pantries and soup kitchens.

The Maryland Food Bank along with the help of others have been making donations for over a decade.

We’re told once the fish are caught within 24 hours it goes to the soup kitchens and pantries.

These places include Son’Spot Ministries, Diakonia, and the Salisbury Maryland Food Bank.

The Maryland Food Bank said during the course of the year they don’t get high protein like this often, so the competition helps in more ways than one.

“This is a big part of our strategic plan now to get more nutritious foods out in the community and having fresh fish like this is really heading us in the right direction 24 i can tell you we get phone calls before the event even starts,” Butch Langenfelder, Food Sourcing Manager for MD Food Bank, said.

We’re told in 11 years close to 30,000 pounds of net fish have been donated.

The anglers from the competition aren’t obligated to donate the fish, but many said they are happy to.

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