Civil war trails gets update to better tell Douglass’s story

TALBOT CO., Md. – As part of the civil wars trail program organizers are updating some of the sites throughout the trail. They say it’s part of their efforts to accurately tell the story of Frederick Douglass.

Talbot County’s Director of Economic Development and Tourism says, the area where Frederick Douglass was born is privately owned. However, they tell us they wanted to incorporate all the important aspects of his story, and part of that is allowing residents to see the land where he grew up.

We’re told the trail has four self guided tours that explore the civil wars trail and touches the places where Douglass grew up. Something they say, not only encompasses Maryland’s history but America’s as well. “If you go and you stand right in front of that civil wars trail marker and look up the river, you have gained something, you have gained knowledge and understanding of Frederick Douglass and that to me what’s really important,” says Cassandra Vanhooser, Director of Economic Development and Tourism. She adds “We’ve really taken a leap forward in how we tell the Frederick Douglass story here. Having this civil wars trail marker there is an important next step for us.”

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