The Brightside: Jewelry made from breast milk

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. – Jewelry can be made from a lot of things; silver, gold, beads, and even breast milk. It sounds odd, but for women who feed their babies from their own bodies, it can represent an intense experience.

“Milk and Honey is a jewelry business that’s designed to create custom breast milk jewelry for new moms and new parents who are looking to treasure and capture their breast feeding jewelry in a tangible way,” Maria Mengle, co-owner of the business, said. “It’s unique, for sure.”

That’s what Maria and the other co-owner, Meghan Rice, make every day from breast milk sent directly to them from customers to their in-home studio in Princess Anne. From there, Meghan gets to work on turning milk into beautiful, wearable pieces.

“We process it into powder, and after we have that powder we put it into jeweler’s resin, and then we make that into the stone,” Meghan explained.

Once done, the jewelry is packaged up right in that studio and shipped out to the moms.

And if you’re thinking that’s an odd thing to wear as rings or a necklace or as earrings, Maria and Meghan say they know.

“It is kind of weird to wear your breast milk,” Maria said.

But for moms who use their bodies to feed and nurture their babies, it’s a piece of jewelry that can represent an extraordinary time in their life.

“I think from the outside, on the surface, it can look like, oh breastfeeding is so beautiful and it’s this remarkable and enjoyable time of motherhood , and that can be true for a lot of people,” Maria said.

But it’s not true for every mom who breastfeeds and Maria and Meghan say this jewelry is a way to showcase the struggles of motherhood and breastfeeding too.

“It can be a time of intense isolation and loneliness, it can be a time of intense struggle, while you’re going through the transition into being a mother,” Maria said.

With hundreds of customers across all 50 states and 20 countries around the world, Meghan and Maria say they just want to serve moms who want a piece of their motherhood forever.

“It’s not for everyone, but the people who it is for, it can be an intensely important piece of jewelry for them,” Maria said.

“I think it’s really important that they remember their struggles as well as the beauty of it, so this is just something that they can look down at their finger, at their ring, and be like… I did that,” Meghan added.

Milk and honey also creates jewelry made out of ashes, pet hair, even cat whiskers. If you’re interested in seeing their products or ordering something for yourself, just visit their website.

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