The Brightside: Brandywine Valley SPCA’s life-saving flights

DOVER, Del. – Throughout the pandemic, families across the country have brought home furry friends and gotten new lifelong best friends. But the staff at the Brandywine Valley SPCA in Delaware is going above and beyond to make sure every animal has a chance at the perfect life.

“Throughout the pandemic we’ve actually seen an increase in adoptions, which has allowed us to take in more animals,” Walt Fenstermacher, the Director of Operations, said.

He says their main focus is supporting and caring for animals in Delaware, that includes surrendered animals, stray dogs, and any furry friend that needs their help. But with a staff that goes above and beyond every single day, they’re able to help animals well beyond the state limits of Delaware.

“We have a partnership with a shelter in Louisiana, where those animals are actually vetted, they’re vaccinated, they can be spayed or neutered prior to coming to the Brandywine Valley SPCA, so those animals are being prepared for adoption,” he said.

Brady, a four month old pup from Louisiana who is now in the Dover location, and dozens of other four-legged friends have been saved throughout the pandemic, flown to Delaware on flights funded by sponsors including the ASPCA and Petco, and prepared to go to their forever homes.

“We make sure that all the animals are put on flea and tick medications, that they’re de-wormed, that they’re vaccinated, of course that they’re spayed and neutered and that they’re microchipped, so they have a really good foundation to go into a new home, and then we get to know them a little bit behaviorally, before we make the perfect match,” Walt explained.

Walt says without the animal-loving, selfless staff at the Brandywine Valley SPCA, these pets wouldn’t have a future. Giving them that chance at life, is what he says makes all of the work worth it.

“Our staff and volunteers are extremely dedicated and throughout the pandemic we’ve been able to stay fully staffed, we’ve been able to stay safe, and we’ve been able to continue to save lives, so it’s really a powerful thing to be part of this mission and we’re really just grateful to be a part of it,” he said.

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