Parent’s push to attend away games


MARYLAND – According to parents and students, this past year has been rough and more specifically, rough on student athletes. With many of their season’s cancelled or dynamics changed, they’re battling another concern, the inability for their parents to attend away games. “Kids have been waiting a long time to play again and they need that support there,” says a Wicomico County student athlete’s parent, Rhonda Morris. “It’s just frustrating to many of us parents because we want answers and we’re not getting any.”

With spring sports starting back up, many parents say they’re frustrated with the lack of clear communication between administrators and parent’s of student athlete’s. After a stressful sports year, many public schools managed to gather tickets for home games, just not away games. However, athletic directors say there’s a reason. “So maybe if we can increase for our home fans, but again the away fans were not apart of that equation because they can watch their own home games,” says Dorchester County Athletic Supervisor, Derek Sabedra. “What if we just said, alright two home two away, everybody together and then we have another outbreak.”

Administrators have been reportedly working to create a plan for the student athletes and parents in the Bayside sports conference. However, some parents say, it’s all still a struggle to get the answers they want and need. “I just asked for transparency, just give us parents updates, can he give us a reason why two of the four parents can’t go during an away game,” says Morris

Even though, some parents are still upset, Sabedra says he wants to provide a voice of reasons to the issue. “It’s brought excitement to my eyes, but it’s also made more paranoid that we don’t want this to end.”

We also reached out to the Wicomico County Athletic Director who was unable to get back with us, but the Wicomico County school district said they would have more information about attendance at away games after the sports conference meeting on Thursday, April 15.

Spring sports season kicks off on April 17.

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