The Brightside: J’Lynn’s Jewelry

HURLOCK, Md. – One local 8-year-old is finding her passion with charms, beads, and wire, but she’s also making it into a business.

“I do necklaces and bracelets, but I need help with those, and earrings… and I’m trying to start on rings, too,” J’Lynn Rheel said, and she’s not your typical 8-year-old. She’s a busy jewelry maker from Hurlock.

“My mommy gets the charms, and with the charms I make the jewelry,” she said.

J’Lynn’s mom, Tia, says the craftiness runs in the family.

“It was her idea, but I’m always crafty, I do t-shirts and other stuff, and she actually helps me,” Tia said.

But Tia says when it comes to making jewelry, J’Lynn has already gone further than she expected.

“I love jewelry, and she wanted to start it, so I said, ‘okay that’s a good idea,’ so I wanted her to start with something, so I started purchasing her jewelry and charms, and starting small…but then when I saw that she grasped that really well, I said, ‘okay we’ll go bigger,’ so that’s what we’re doing now,” Tia said.

Here’s how she runs her business: J’Lynn makes the jewelry, her mom posts a picture on social media, and then the orders come in. Tia says when she walks past her living room, where J’Lynns little shop is set up, she’s filled with pride watching her chase her dreams.

“It makes me feel good because she’s only 8, you know, and she has a lot of goals already, I had never seen that before, so it makes me very proud,” Tia said.

And speaking of those goals, J’Lynn says she’s got a lot.

“I want people to be happy for my jewelry, and my goal is to buy a house,” J’Lynn said.

But no matter where this hobby, and business, takes J’Lynn, Tia says she’s just happy to see her work so hard at something from such a young age.

“Whatever she wants to do, me and her dad are here to support her… she just makes us so proud, she really does,” she said.

If you want to check out J’Lynn’s jewelry, you can find her mom on Facebook by searching Tia Rheel. She posts pictures of the jewelry J’Lynn makes, but she tells us she also takes custom orders, so if you want something special you can specifically ask for that.

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