Live Green: Salisbury University

SALISBURY, MD– Salisbury University extends its students education beyond the classroom by teaching them how they can make a difference in their communities through various organizations on campus, like the University Sustainability Committee. Check out this week’s Live Green.

Salisbury University’s Sustainability Committee, composed of faculty, staff and students, gather to discuss how the university can reduce their carbon footprint.

“So, if you know if we want to do better, the first step was to figure out how we are doing. We created a process and enlisted the help of students from the business school. They started that process of collecting all the data and creating a report for that first carbon footprint evaluation,” said Wayne Shelton.

Wayne Shelton, Campus Sustainability and Environmental Safety Director, tells us they perform an annual carbon footprint evaluation and implement more green changes as a result, like building a roof top garden on one of their buildings to collect rain.

“The first drops of rain that come down generally include pollution particles, which get trapped in the soil and bacteria break them down. The other thing it does is help that roof helps the building stay relatively stable for temperature,” explained Shelton.

Plus, this green roof offers extra insulation for the building, which means it uses less energy for heating and cooling. More green initiatives include solar panels for energy and compostable takeout containers in the dining hall, which were steps in their Climate Action Plan to achieve long range goals.

“We hope in the near future for one our our buildings to become a zero carbon footprint building. We have not achieved that yet, but we are working towards it,” said Shelton.

By 2050, Salisbury University plans to become carbon neutral, which means they will have no net release of carbon dioxide, leaving behind a green legacy for future S U graduates.

“It is critical for us as an education facility to not only educate students about this, but also demonstrate. If we do both, I believe we are better stewards in our roles for future generations,” stated Shelton.

Wayne Shelton also told us that Salisbury University students have taken it upon themselves to create a Green Fund Fee to implement more green changes on campus, such as water bottle filling stations.

For more information please visit their website.

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