Lewes Library continues Lives in the Law discussion series

LEWES, Del. – The Lewes Public Library is continuing their Lives in the Law Discussion series with only two more dates scheduled for now.

The discussion series invites lawyers, journalists, activists, politicians, and more to host Zoom discussions talking about their work and their journeys to where they are. 

The entire idea for the series came from Ron Collins, a library regular who taught law for decades at the University of Washington School of Law. Collins says he teamed up with the library to bring the series as a way to have these voices heard and for people to understand them in a not-so legalese way.

Rebecca Lowe, with the library, says she was more than excited to bring Collins idea to the library to people who were eager to soak it all up.

“They’re looking to learn, and that’s important, so I want to be able to provide any kind of content that will allow them to learn about things that they didn’t get to learn about because maybe they were too focused on learning skills for their job, or learning skills for their family,” she said.

The next discussion will be held on Monday, March 8th at 5 p.m. via Zoom and will be with Laurence Tribe, a professor. If you want to get involved, you can visit the library’s website or find them on social media. We’re told while there are only two more discussions scheduled right now, Collins and Lowe are working together to bring more to the library.

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