Funeral homes taking on more services, bringing added pressure

SALISBURY, MD.- Staff working in funeral homes are trying hard to get families the services they need, but the pandemic hasn’t made things easy.

Many businesses needed to adjust during the pandemic.
For funeral homes, like Lewis N. Watson Funeral Home, in Salisbury, that meant a rise in services and stress.

“It’s hard seeing them going through that,” Christina Watson Pender, a funeral director and embalmer, said.

“The pain of seeing people that you have known and have seen on a regular basis in the community, and to know that the cause of passing has been COVID-19,” Talana Watson, a funeral director and embalmer, said.

While funerals have been on the rise, the home itself told 47ABC trying to keep everyone involved safe is exhausting, part of that is the extra sanitation procedures and making sure people are wearing masks.

“It has been challenging, yes it is tiring, and yes it is more than we have normally done in the past,” Rev. Dr. Lewis N. Watson, a funeral director and embalmer, said.

“We are very conscious of doing those things that keep everybody safe and well,” Talana, said.

But while I am told there is extra preparation and the changes can be tiring, the funeral home said they will continue to go above and beyond for families.

“At the end of the day we want all of our families to know that whatever we have to do, to help them bring closure and peace of mind to them, we are willing and able to do it,” Rev. Dr. Lewis N. Watson, said.

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