Students holding free yard sale market for homeless on Saturday at The Shepherd’s Office

GEORGETOWN, Del.- Saturday in Georgetown students are going to the Shepherds Office to put on a free yard sale market for the homeless.

Jim Martin, the founder of the Shepherd’s Office,  said students from Sussex Academy and a youth group, called the Extinction Rebellion, are responsible for the initiative.

Martin said these students have collected these donated items that include clothes, camping supplies, blankets, and more.

We are told that there’s a lot of stigma associated with homelessness, so he’s happy that young people are stepping in to help make a difference.

“It’s good to see people who are quote on quote normal that are coming into the field of despair or the battlefield of despair and and they are willing to come onto the battlefield and see what problems they can solve as young people,” Martin said.

We are told the students will also give out lunches for the homeless.

The event will be from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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