Delaware organizations working together to get people vaccinated and educated about the vaccine

DELAWARE- Making sure vulnerable populations and minority groups get educated about the vaccine and receive it is on the forefront of some Delaware organizations minds’.

“So, what we are doing is partnering with our churches, our community groups, our community leaders to make sure that that the education and the word is out there,” Bernice Edwards, Executive Director for First State Community Action Agency, said.

Dr. David Tam, CEO and President of Beebe Healthcare,  said there are health inconsistencies across the state.

We are told by partnering with community organizations, like First State Community Action Agency, and educating their leaders about the vaccination process it helps to ensure those who may face barriers, such as language and transportation, get access to the vaccine.

“We communicate in all kinds of culturally sensitive ways, to ensure that people can trust the information that we give as scientific and medically correct,” Dr. Tam said.

Dr. Tam added that people do have fears towards the vaccine.

So, that communication aspect with group leaders becomes crucial so leaders can explain just how safe the vaccine is.

“They are the ones that have that cultural connection with their people,” Dr. Tam said.

“You have to be comfortable in is this the right step for me, education gives people so much knowledge and that’s what we are seeing now,” Edwards said.

Getting these vaccines to vulnerable populations isn’t the only push, education, communication, and partnerships are also important, and this initiative will not stop moving forward.

“They have really reached out into those communities, but we are going to make sure that they continue reaching out in those communities.” Edwards said.

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