Caldwell family’s call for justice

DOVER, Del. – One woman’s altercation with Dover police resulted in a broken tibia and two broken bones in her foot. While it happened last May, the family is calling for justice for their daughter. The video released to 47 ABC shows Sharon Caldwell being pulled over because her headlights were out.

Caldwell and her friends were inside of the car at the time, until police asked her to step out. A dispute ensued after Caldwell “allegedly” refused to get out of the car. Caldwell’s lawyers state, this was allegedly a racially profiled traffic stop.

Though the case is still underway, an investigation is calling into question, why the patrolman pulled Caldwell over, why back-up was requested, and why it led to Caldwell’s injuries.

Both the family and the police were unable to speak on camera at this time, but 47 ABC received a statement from both parties. A parent of  Caldwell says, “The community has the right to know the truth about this story and my daughter needs to be able to get her life back. The Attorney General has this evidence, and instead of them doing what’s right, they try to ruin another black child’s life that is a productive member of society and give them a criminal background. All citizens have the right to be safe no matter what title the perpetrator holds.”

Dover police did provide a brief statement saying, “Caldwell did strike the officer first, however a trial is coming up, but the case is still pending. No official complaint has been filed with the Dover police department and there has been an internal review in regards to the officer’s interactions with Caldwell.”

The case is pending and we will continue to keep you updated as this case unfolds.

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