Black History Month: Teacher creates rap to showcase prominent figures

Wicomico Co., Md.- A teacher in Wicomico County is bringing Black history into her classroom in a pretty unique way to help her students understand why this month is so important.

Glen Avenue Elementary School’s Aje Bramble wrote and produced a song to celebrate this month. She says she was surprised to learn that most of her 2nd through 5th graders had not even heard of Black history before or that there was a month designated to celebrate it.

That’s why she made a song to teach and inspire her students that they can do anything because of those who have come before them. In the lyrics she name drops black women like Kamala Harris and Shirley Chisholm, and even touches on entertainment figures like Michael Jackson.

“I tried to think about things that they might not learn in the textbooks because you know the textbooks don’t touch things that are truly important,” Bramble said. “A lot of the textbooks just circle around the slaves and all of that and that’s not really our history. Yes, that’s our history. That’s just what y’all know we started as, but that’s not true. We have so much more than just being slaves. We were kings and queens well before we were slaves.”

But what ran even deeper for Bramble was what this month means to her and why she believes it should be celebrated. She says the more important thing to realize is that the color of your skin should not make you less than anyone else, and that simply, people of color matter.

“It matters because we are human and we deserve that same type of recognition that everyone else gets,” Bramble says. “We should not have to work this hard to get our names spoken, to get recognized and all of that stuff. We matter just as much as the next person matters.”

Bramble started as a music teacher at Glen Avenue Elementary three years ago and since then has organized and held a Black History Assembly each year where the students perform songs and celebrate with school staff and their families.

She says she will continue to work to educate her students through music even after February is over because she wants to instill in them that they are capable of anything they put their minds to.

If you would like to listen to her Black History Month song, click here.

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